'The Invisible House'

The client, an experienced construction project manager, had acquired a disused garage on a small plot in Brockley, London, and tasked JaK Studio with designing a new home for himself that would optimize the available space and intelligently address the context.

In regard to the use of materials at lower level the external walls are proposed to be of matching ‘london stock’ brickwork to re flect the current building fabric as well as respond to the existing boundary fences of the neighbouring gardens. The choice of materials at higher level is an innovative approach of utilising highly re flective glass speci fically designed to re flect the foilage of the trees flanking the property on the west and east sides as well as the surrounding
lively victorian architecture. Ultimately creating an optical illusions, helping to camo uflage the building’s presence at high level.

With regard to its bulk, scale and size, particular consideration has been given to its suburban surroundings as well as its relationship with the housing on Manor Avenue. The overall height of the building is sensitive to its relationship with the adjacent townhouses without comprimising on a good standard of accommodation as well as providing a positive presence to the streetscape of Geo ffrey Road. The eaves of the second storey rest at 5.5M from pavement level, only 2M above the height of the existing garage. To further reinforce this at ¬first floor level the bulk of the building has been speci¬cally withdrawn from the Geo ffrey Road boundary to respect the existing sightlines, whereas at ground floor level the entrance has been extended to the pavement line to engage with the streetscape.


The Invisible House

Private Client
Completed 2017
  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Tender
  • Feasability
  • Manufacture
  • Installation