Internal refurbishment of Loft in London

The client’s brief was to transform an industrial loft into a cutting-edge residential dwelling featuring an open-plan, double-height space. They envisioned a versatile area that would serve as both a photography studio and a large, inviting space for entertaining guests. Emphasizing the integrity and subservience to the original building’s historical value was crucial. A key feature of the design was to include a large library unit to display various artifacts and books, serving as a focal point of the loft and adding a personalized touch to the space.

Transforming the industrial loft into Studio 1B came with several unique challenges. One major challenge was creating a mezzanine to accommodate a bedroom while managing the varying ceiling heights throughout the space. This required meticulous planning to ensure the mezzanine was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing sufficient headroom and a sense of privacy without disrupting the open-plan layout. A key design feature was the inclusion of a large library unit. Opposite the library unit, we installed a large mirrored wall, which served a dual purpose. Not only did it expand the perceived space by reflecting light and the surrounding interior, but it also cleverly concealed the entrance to the bedroom behind it. This hidden bedroom design ensured privacy while maintaining the loft’s open and airy feel.

To enhance the loft’s industrial character and provide visual interest, we juxtaposed natural materials with contemporary finishes. Exposed brick walls and steel beams were used to contrast with the sleek, polished resin floors, creating a harmonious blend of textures. This use of natural materials added warmth and character to the space, while the polished resin floors provided a modern, durable surface ideal for both the photography studio and entertaining guests.


Studio 1b

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