Ricky Walters, a top London hair stylist working with the world’s biggest international superstars asked JaK Studio to help redefine his craft, push boundaries and create a disruptive brand experience for his new salon in Soho London, to be opened in November 2017.

SALON 64 reimagines the century-old hair salon experience as a flexible social space where clients can relax, work and meet friends, as well as enjoying premium hair and beauty services. To optimise impact, we created an experimental space that invites constant dialogue with its clients. A third place, equally public and private is energised by ‘the art of conversation’ and delivered on the customers’ terms. The SALON 64 theme is reflected throughout the space in tapestry and prints.

When stepping in, customers face the reception desk and breakfast bar where the salon receptionist welcomes and takes them to their appointed hairdresser. If they are simply walking in, they’ll be asked to wait at the bar enjoying an exclusively produced coffee or a hot chocolate. There is space here to work comfortably while waiting, or if they just want a coffee on the go and a touch up for their make up they can do so at the purposedly built bar by the window shop. Once the hairdresser has come over and get the customer a personalised Salon64 gown, they are led to the hairwashing areas and then back to the main space to sit by one of the Jewellery Boxes, where they can control the light above and have space to charge their phones as well as have a chat if they have friends with them. They can sit comfortably next to them, while enjoying a coffee by the fireplace, whether they are receiving a hair treatment or not. Parties and companies can also hire the space to get their personnel ready before receptions or events, while being offered a full service of beauty and pampering.


Salon 64

Ricky Walters & Jeff Curtis
Completed 2017
  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Tender
  • Feasability