A space to record the oral history of the Old Royal Naval College

The objective of this intervention is to provide a suitable space to record the oral history of the Old Royal Naval College. Capturing conversations with unique perspectives from different people from all backgrounds. This recordings will create a broad and comprehensive tapestry of ideas and experiences that can be very enriching for future listeners.

The proposed aesthetic of the pod is based on a “house inside a house” concept, internally the design resembles a more traditional and comfortable cabin and externally it is based on Dazzle camouflage, which was a family of ship camouflage used extensively in World War I, and to a lesser extent in World War II and afterwards. This artistic reference, combined with a dark, high reflective material of the cabin surface creates a visual illusion of camouflage that is very relevant to the history of the Old Royal Naval College. The modern image of the proposal acts as a counterpoint to the historical buildings, with a very different aesthetic but creating interesting reflections of them at the same time.

The interior of the pod is designed to provide an intimate space to develop interesting conversations. For this, the look and feel of the pod reflects the one from a cosy cabin, with clean lines and minimalistic features. To maximize the use of the space, de design incorporates multiple features that can be folded and hidden away when not in use. The furniture and cupboards are integrated in the design. The table and benches can be folded and stored in the space on the wall to reduce their presence when they are not necessary. In order to facilitate the recordings, the cabin has a very high standard of acoustic insulation. The walls are lined with acousticly insulated materials and the celiling also has been designed to control sound. The pod also includes space for a coffee machine, TV, waste disposal, a small fridge, whiteboard, a heater, various sockets to charge phones or small appliances and plenty of storage space.


Old Royal Navy College

Old Royal Naval College
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