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Plastic Worlds

In 2018, 55% of the rubbish in the ocean was either plastic waste or cigarette butts, 65% of which was contributed by the OECD and EAP nations. Ten of the world’s major rivers carry 90% of all plastics to the sea.

The front line of the fight to stop plastics entering the oceans is in the developing world.

20% of the world population still lack access to financial services that could strengthen their economic situation and improve their life conditions. 1% of the population of rich countries owns 99% of the global wealth.

It is the responsibility of the rest of the world to provide the tools for these communities to improve their lives and counter environmental change.

‘Message on a bottle’ is a self-sustaining cause-driven social initiative that promotes/stimulates social progress by offering a solution to a global environmental challenge. An enterprise where governments, global brands, businesses and consumers combine to invest in the micro-economies of river fishing communities in developing countries.

By providing socially funded low cost modular infrastucture to river communities by means of a micro-credit system the enterprise would seek to improve the lives of those in poverty and at the same time address environmental change.

The ‘Lily Pad’ is a low cost heavy duty recycled modular high buoyancy pontoon system which can be used to create a variety of different river infrastructure. It can be used as a simple river fishing platform, a city market, a plastic harvester, a village bridge or communal fishery, etc.  A single module is designed to interlock in numerous flexible different formations and structures and can be adapted to accommodate fishing nets, purification reed beds, solar lights and plastic harvesting devices.

It is a low cost product with the aim that it is provided to the poor communities of developing countries using the micro-credit economic model, with the repayments made by harvesting the plastics themselves.


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