Villa Brash

Luxury Villa, St Tropez

  • Brash Family
  • Luxury New Build Villa
  • Undisclosed
  • Feasibility to Completion
  • 12-05-2015

As architects there is always an exciting feel when you first stand on a new site, without sounding abit pompous you often search for the intrinsic relationship with proposed building and its surrounding.

The clients brief against the constraints of a given site, its context, topography or aspect is always a challenge, but when the plot is situated on the upper hills of Les Issambres, Cotes D’Azure with a dramatic view over the bay of Saint Tropez and the brief is to design a luxury villa for John Brash founder of Brash Brands, long standing friend and spiritual godfather of JaK Studio the stakes are raised! Looking out over the amazing view is not only inspiring but terrifying that you’ll to do it justice!

With the works completed just last month we are looking forward to lounge by the pool this summer. JB thats a hint for an invite!!