The Listening Project Booth

BBC Radio 4

  • BBC Radio 4
  • The Listening
  • 40K
  • Completed
  • 12-05-2015

“Two years in the making, and our vision to create a homely, road-worthy, interactive mobile speech bubble for BBC Radio 4’s Listening Project, has become a reality. To be selected to design an environment for such a unique and special project has been a privilege and a pleasure. Beyond the practicalities, we wanted to create a booth that celebrated the power and intimacy of conversation. From the reactive light sculpture that visually captures the dynamics of speech to the home-from-home touches that make the interior space a cosy cabin in which to retreat. For the ensuing months that the speech bubble booth will be on the road, it will be the definitive place for people to share with us the story of their lives, and we’re thrilled that they will be do doing so in an environment that represents so many heartfelt moments of our own.” Jacob Low Partner

“During the design process, we thought about conversations and where they happen: whether it’s discussing our day at work around the kitchen table, regaling family stories on a rainy holiday afternoon or ‘shooting the breeze’ around a log fire. There is no where we feel freer in our minds to talk than at home, where we’re among our familiar comforts with those who we hold most dear around us.” Nedzad Sahovic, Creative Director 

“The Listening Project Booth is a brilliantly witty project and a great piece of product design. It was the unanimous choice of our competition judges and I’m sure will inspire those who see it on the road and share their stories within it.” RIBA President Stephen Hodder