Gama Aviation

Business Aviation Centre, Sharjah, UAE

Nedzad Sahovic, creative director at JaK Studio, commented, “The highly-engineered, purpose-built environment will combine corporate and recreational spaces to offer Gama Aviation’s clients a seamless, holistic experience. We hope the concept sets new standards for the private aviation sector, and becomes a recognisable emblem for Gama Aviation.”

The concept, which is modelled on a series of aerofoils, and incorporates Gama Aviation’s brand identity into its blueprint, includes two 100m hangars, built to accommodate Airbus ACJ and Boeing’s BBJ private aircraft. The facility will also incorporate Gama Aviation’s regional HQ, along with crew facilities, private-hire office spaces, retail showrooms and a contemporary VVIP lounge with views out onto the airport apron.

The aerodynamic gesture of the hangars is matched with an exposed steel structure and perforated aluminium cladding, giving a high-tech, modern aesthetic, whilst ensuring a sustainable insulated environment. The aerofoil shape brings optimal engineering strength, creating a 100m-span of voluminous, column-free space for the manoeuvring and light maintenance of aircraft. The front entrance to the facility is based on a deconstruction of Gama Aviation’s brand. The 27-degree angle of the red slant that defines the logo is articulated in the building’s exoskeleton, and throughout the interior treatment of the business and recreational spaces, giving a unified and immersive brand experience.